Drilling unit with Power Pack
Drilling unit


The S100 is a multipurpose compact drilling rig suitable for medium diameter drilled shafts for drilling in any kind of soil by using a rotary system with kelly bar, augers and buckets.using the friction or interlocking kelly bars for various depths, completely built by Soil Tek.

It can also be supplied with two different engines, obtaining two different rotary torque
The S100 with 175 HP / 129 kW with a torque of 102.00 kN
The S100 with 205 HP / 151 kW with a torque of 119.00 kN

The cabin has been designed to offer maximum efficiency and comfort for the operator which can also be equipped with an electronic depth counter, and air conditioning and heating system.

The S100 comes mounted on expandable crawlers, the kelly bar does not have to be removed for transport, which decreases the transport costs and it saves time on the jobsite.

The S100 can be configured for works for Bored piles and in Continuous Flight Auger (CFA).